SkyHive seamlessly integrates with your existing systems and workflows

SkyHive integrates with and enhances existing tech stacks by importing structured data from any source and transforming it into a universal skills language.

Future-proof human capital management backed by the world’s most powerful skills intelligence.

SkyHive’s advanced labor market and future skills intelligence augments Workday’s Skills Cloud, providing you with the most powerful skills intelligence offered by any HR technology. By incorporating external labor market benchmarks and forecasted organizational end-state into Workday’s robust workforce data, SkyHive equips your company with the competitive advantage to stay ahead of the curve.

Workday is a strategic partner and investor of SkyHive’s.

Align training investments with current & future workforce requirements.

SkyHive aggregates learning content from Learning Management Systems and Learning Content Providers like EdX, and plays the role of matchmaker to match individuals’ skill gaps to targeted learning content based on skills. With deep intelligence on the current and future labor market demands, SkyHive ensures that your workforce is equipped with the skills needed to achieve your organization’s desired future state

Identify the best candidates with the right skills faster than ever before.

SkyHive imports job applications from Applicant Tracking Systems like Taleo, then matches each candidate’s skill set to the skills required by the vacant role and produces a list of top candidates in real-time. With robust two-way data synchronization, SkyHive can also import all past candidates to pinpoint ‘silver medalists’ who are high skill matches to current job openings, reducing average time-to-hire by 30% and significantly expanding your candidate pool.

Seamless purchase and procurement through trusted app stores.

SkyHive is available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace and the SAP App Center, making it easier for established Microsoft/SAP customers to purchase and adopt SkyHive. When purchasing SkyHive through these channels, you can streamline the purchase and legal procurement cycle through consolidated billing and standard contracts

The world's most advanced real-time knowledge graph of jobs, skills, training, and labor market intelligence.

Stream the world’s most powerful labor market intelligence to drive your strategic priorities through seamless integration into your existing systems or custom-built applications.

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