Create a skills-first career framework

Automate the translation of static job descriptions into dynamic, skill-first definitions — continuously and automatically.

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Why create a skills-first career framework?

Provide clarity

Give employees, recruiters and managers a clear view into the skills required for roles. Bringing focus to hiring, development and career planning

Visualize opportunity

With what skills you need clearly defined, you can visualize matches and gaps to your current workforce. Giving you the right foundation to build a workforce plan.

Increase equity

Skills-first approach to job requirements gives everyone the same opportunity to demonstrate their match - regardless of education, titles or credentials.

What are the benefits?

A foundation built to support HR leaders

Reduce bias

Put skills and data at the forefront of hiring and managing talent.

Face change head-on

Use real-time intelligence to rapidly evolve jobs and skills at the speed of the labor market.

Save on time and cost

Automate and unify the definition of jobs and skills using AI.

Simplify your current process

Seamlessly import data from your existing HCM system.

AI to sustainably connect jobs and skills

Build a foundation that lasts

An intelligent, automated foundation for your talent strategies

Align your job architecture system with the external labor market.

Enable ongoing and effortless management of job evolution and access granular insights.

Stay focused on what's business critical

Augment job descriptions and source talent faster

Automate the creation of your jobs definitions or structure to be skills-first and bias free.

Integrate with your HCM system and instantly benchmark talent data against the external labor market.

Evolve at the speed of the labor market

Ensure sustainable ROI with real time insight

Benchmark the jobs and skills of your workforces against the labor market and analyze skill gaps.

Stay ahead of your competitors with data on emerging and disappearing skills.

“Defining the skills for more than 5,000 global roles, learning content, and adjusting those definitions as they change was going to take us a number of years. To complete their job architecture work faster, the company is using a quantum analytics tool from SkyHive, a Workday Ventures capital–funded company.”

– Director of HRIS,

Global Pharmaceutical Company

woman working in a pharmacy - SkyHive AI

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Create a skills-first career framework, develop a workforce plan to close skills gaps, and mobilize business critical skills using our end-to-end workforce transformation application.

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