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Unify, enhance or build your own applications using the most advanced knowledge graph of labor market data.

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Success story

Powered by SkyHive Platform, TECHNATION’s CareerFinder provides access to real-time labor market insight across Canada. SkyHive Platform enables citizens to pursue careers best aligned to their skills, strengths, and aspirations.

Systems compatible with SkyHive Platform

Add these superpowers to your app

Unleash your innovation potential with SkyHive Platform’s key features and benefits

Enrich workflows

Insert AI within your job architecture, talent acquisitions, and talent analytics processes.

Build experiences

Curate career pathing, skill gap, and job matching experiences to help individuals grow.

Unify data

Combine your workforce data for skills and jobs from multiple sources into a single standard.

Boost intelligence

Embed our real-time, global labor market data into your applications easily and securely.

Scale impact

Customize based on your needs with infrastructure designed to support millions of users.

Enhance security

Protect your data with our fully encrypted database using AES 256-bit and TLS 1.2 standards.

Reduce silos

Connect your skills-based strategy and technologies under one unified system.

Elevate technology

Get insights backed by the most advanced knowledge graph of labor market intelligence.

Access globally

Deliver globally compatible experiences with full multilingual capabilities across all layers.

How SkyHive Platform works

SkyHive ApplicationsSkyHive Platform (API)Integration HubAI Engine powered by real time, Labor market intelligenceBespoke SolutionsExisting SystemsPeople & Job DataEducational DataEconomic DataFuture facing data

Open API Docs

Want to find out how to connect SkyHive to your system? We’ve got everything you need to know written in our API documentation.

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Add value with SkyHive Platform

as a standalone
intelligence platform

as an extension to SkyHive Enterprise

Reduce bias

Reduce bias in the workforce with our leading ethical Al policies and controls.

Increase visibility

Leverage our AI at it’s most granular level—skills.

Improve accuracy

Become real-time with a powerful and fluid global labor market platform.

Successful teams are using SkyHive

Hear first-hand from our partners and clients

“SkyHive is doing amazing work helping employers understand the DNA of their workforce — deeper than just understanding their resume — it’s what their skills are, and where they could be repositioned in other roles within the business.”

Ben Eubanks

Chief Research Officer, Lighthouse Research
& Advisory

Kelcey Reed portrait - SkyHive AI

“This partnership will allow us to leverage SkyHive’s advanced skills matching algorithm to more accurately represent the skills STARs earn through previous experience and training, as well as skills needed for jobs at many levels and across many industries. Together, we are looking beyond the traditional job title to help employers hire for potential instead of pedigree.”

Kelcey Reed

CTO of Opportunity@Work

Gartner Logo - SkyHive AI

“Current talent analytics platforms lack the external market data necessary to provide benchmarks against internal findings. SkyHive automates skills detection, forecasts skills evolution, and provides learning program recommendations that can reduce skills gaps or support career movement.”


Cool Vendors in HCM 2021

Ashley Casovan - SkyHive AI

“SkyHive uses business as a force for good, so it’s only natural that the company has implemented ethical AI principles from day one. It has gained recognition from OECD and the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence and has established itself as a clear pioneer of purpose-driven and socially beneficial AI.”

Ashley Casovan

Executive Director of RAII

Marjorie Parker - SkyHive AI

“SkyHive’s technology presents an opportunity to proactively create labor market-responsive training solutions and empower jobseekers to see how their skills transfer to jobs in different employment sectors”

Marjorie Parker

President and CEO of JobsFirstNYC

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