SkyHive’s Products and Technology

SkyHive's patented technology synthesizes global labor market data for seamless transition from jobs to skills across the entire talent lifecycle.

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Our products

Unleash your potential with the most advanced knowledge graph of jobs, skills, training, and labor market intelligence — discover solutions aligned to your unique needs.

360° degree value

SkyHive Enterprise helps you answer four critical questions across your workforce transformation journey.

What skills do we need?

Real time labor market intelligence and future skills insights.

What skills do we have?

Automate skills assessment of internal workforce.

What are the gaps?

Identify skills gaps at a workforce and individual level.

What actions do we take?

Mobilize and transition talent by executing on the workforce plan including career and reskilling pathways.

Ready to unleash potential across your workforce?

The world's most ethical Al people technology to help you transition from jobs-based to skills-based — award-winning, demonstrated, and internationally recognized.

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