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Our mission is to democratize labor opportunities so we can all benefit from a more capable workforce and a more efficient global economy.

At SkyHive, we’ve built the world’s only Quantum Labor Analytics platform to optimize human economies in real time for companies, communities, and countries. Essential for digital transformation, our platform informs and benefits the entire job cycle from the individual worker to the corporation to the global economy. By marrying economic theory with workforce modeling and human analytics, we illuminate the reskilling journey and provide customers with a capable and future-proof workforce that closes the skills gap with speed and efficiency unleashing human potential for individuals, organizations, and governments.

Social Impact

Certified B Corporation

Certified B Corporation®

SkyHive is proud to be part of the B Corp™ family of more than 3,500 companies around the globe, setting a positive example of using business as a force for good. 

Responsible AI

SkyHive is globally recognized for its best practices in ethical AI by international organizations like the OECD and the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (GPAI).

Impact Communities

SkyHive works with community groups and governments to foster the economic empowerment of six under-represented groups: women, youth, newcomers, indigenous peoples, veterans, and physically disabled persons. 

Awards & Recognition

GartnerCIX Top 20

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Harvard Business Review

Leadership Team

Sean Hinton

Sean Hinton

Founder, CEO

Sean is a recognized thought leader and innovator in labor economics and the Future of Work, having invented Quantum Labor Analysis that marries economic theory with artificial intelligence to produce the most advanced real-time knowledge graph of jobs, skills, training, and labor market intelligence in the world.

Sean is the Co-Chair of the Entrepreneurs Circle of the Canadian American Business Council (CABC) and a member of OECD's Future of Work Forum Engagement Group. In 2020, Sean was invited by the Government of Canada to join the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (GPAI) and represent Canada as one of the 15 founding countries. GPAI is one of the most extensive collaborations on AI policy and the first international standard for AI.

Prior to founding SkyHive, Sean led a $250 million multinational company with 500 employees and 23 global offices. He has lived on four continents and conducted business in more than 70 countries. Sean holds an MBA from Queen’s University and currently lives in Vancouver, Canada.

mohan reddy

Mohan Reddy

Chief Technology Officer

Mohan is the CTO of SkyHive and oversees all aspects of developing and delivering SkyHive’s technology capabilities and innovation. Mohan is a hands-on technologist in Machine Learning / Deep Learning systems, specialized in building scalable systems, robotics, and computational neuroscience.

Previously Mohan was the CTO of The Hive in Palo Alto, where he co-founded many startups. In his 25 years of career Mohan has worked at multiple companies including Zynga, IBM, Schlumberger, Expedia/Travelocity/Sabre, etc., where he architected and built platforms to scale to hundreds of millions of users.

Mohan currently also serves as Associate Director at Stanford Human Perception Lab. Mohan has a bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering, a master’s in Electrical Engineering, and an MBA with specialization in computational finance.

Prathiba Shah

Prathiba Shah

Chief Operating Officer

Prathiba is responsible for scaling SkyHive's operations and expanding its presence globally. Prathiba oversees marketing, IT operations, security, and program management and operations.

Prior to SkyHive, Prathiba has 17+ years of experience in various technology roles. She worked at Scale Venture Partners evaluating technology startups, ran cloud security at Dropbox, and held leadership positions at Ernst & Young, Morgan Stanley, and Credit Suisse. Prathiba founded the GSB talk series at Stanford, started the Dropbox Women's Mentorship program as well as part of the Human Rights group, CJA. Prathiba has a master's degree in computer engineering from the University of Florida and a business degree from Stanford University.

Sean Hinton Bio
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Sergey B

Sergey Bukharov

Chief Solutions Officer

Sergey leads the solutioning team, a role in which his expertise in software development and passion for exceptional quality shine through. With one foot in the world of technology and the other in business, Sergey is excited about the transformative power of SkyHive’s core technology and its applications to various business challenges. Having come from previous leadership positions in the not-for-profit and education sectors, Sergey’s values are closely aligned with SkyHive’s mission of building a future of inclusive work and social equality. Sergey is driven by the potential he sees in creating a lasting, meaningful, positive impact through SkyHive.

Caroline Dunn

Caroline Dunn

Chief Financial Officer

With tremendous leadership experience in building and scaling technology companies, Caroline has deep expertise in Finance, Strategy, Human Capital, and Operations, enabling her to support rapidly growing technology companies in every aspect.

Caroline was previously the CEO of Vivonet (now Infor), the CFO of Courtyard Group (now part of Telus Health), and the EVP Growth Strategies of Sierra Systems (acquired by Golden Gate Capital). At her prior companies, Caroline increased shareholder value through acquisitions and three successful exits.

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