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SkyHive drives global reskilling initiatives, creating a more inclusive economy where skills become pathways to success.

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Helping companies and communities work together by focusing on people's skills instead of just their jobs.

Assess the skills you have today, the skills you need to achieve your goals, where the gaps are, and how to fill them.

Our vision

To reskill the world.

Our mission

To organize the world's workforce data.

Our purpose

Creating a more inclusive economy where skills become pathways to success.

Why SkyHive

Hear first-hand from our employees, partners, and clients

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Guided by its mission, SkyHive drives positive social impact globally while delivering value end-to-end for all stakeholders. With the support of our team, partners, and customers, we continue to make tremendous progress in our efforts to reskill the world, at a time when it is greatly needed.

– Sean Hinton,

Founder and CEO

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“Current talent analytics platforms lack the external market data necessary to provide benchmarks against internal findings. SkyHive automates skills detection, forecasts skills evolution and provides learning program recommendations that can reduce skills gaps or support career movement.”


Cool Vendors in HCM 2021

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“This partnership will allow us to leverage SkyHive’s advanced skills matching algorithm to more accurately represent the skills STARs earn through previous experience and training, as well as skills needed for jobs at many levels and across many industries. Together, we are looking beyond the traditional job title to help employers hire for potential instead of pedigree.”

Kelcey Reed

CTO of Opportunity@Work

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“SkyHive uses business as a force for good, so it’s only natural that the company has implemented ethical AI principles from day one. It has gained recognition from OECD and the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence and has established itself as a clear pioneer of purpose-driven and socially beneficial AI.”

Ashley Casovan

Executive Director of RAII

Marjorie Parker - SkyHive AI

“SkyHive’s technology presents an opportunity to proactively create labor market-responsive training solutions and empower jobseekers to see how their skills transfer to jobs in different employment sectors”

Marjorie Parker

President and CEO of JobsFirstNYC

Bring deep intelligence to your existing systems

Certified B

SkyHive is proud to be part of the B Corp™ family of more than 3,500 companies around the globe, setting a positive example of using business as a force for good.

Responsible AI

SkyHive is globally recognized for its best practices in ethical AI by international organizations like the OECD and the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (GPAI).

Impact Communities

SkyHive works with community groups and governments to foster the economic empowerment of six under-represented groups: women, youth, newcomers, indigenous peoples, veterans, and physically disabled persons.

SkyHive patents

Job Description

SkyHive’s Job Description Generator pioneers the automation of job description creation to accelerate equitable and skills-based hiring.

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Generating skill data through machine learning

SkyHive has the only technology that can normalize real-time global labour market activity with any preferred job taxonomy/skills ontology.

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Our clients and partners

SkyHive Awards & Recognition

Recognized for our innovation by

Skyhive Leadership team

Founder & CEO


An AI pioneer and global future of work thought leader, Sean is Founder and CEO of SkyHive Technologies, a generative AI software company that rapidly reskills companies and communities around the world. Recognized as a top AI innovation by Forbes, a Gartner Cool Vendor in HCM and a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer, SkyHive invented Quantum Labor Analysis, the application of Artificial Intelligence to analyze a workforce at its most granular and real-time level. It applies this technology to helping companies and communities around the world transition from job-based to skill-based at-pace and at-scale.

Previously, Sean served as President of the Waterpark and Attractions Divisions with WhiteWater West Industries. Currently, Sean is a board member at SkyHive and TECHNATION, Canada’s IT Industry Association. He formerly served on the board of the OECD Future of Work Task Force and the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence. He’s an Unreasonable Fellow, a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer, a World Economic Forum Global Innovator, a Henry Crown Fellow and a member of the Young President’s Organization (YPO). Sean is based in the heart of silicon valley in Palo Alto, California.

Co-Founder & CTO


Mohan is the CTO of SkyHive and oversees all aspects of developing and delivering SkyHive’s technology capabilities and innovation. Mohan is a hands-on technologist in Machine Learning / Deep Learning systems, specialized in building scalable systems, robotics, and computational neuroscience.

Previously Mohan was the CTO of The Hive in Palo Alto, where he co-founded many startups. In his 25 years of career Mohan has worked at multiple companies including Zynga, IBM, Schlumberger, Expedia/Travelocity/Sabre, etc., where he architected and built platforms to scale to hundreds of millions of users.

Mohan currently also serves as Associate Director at Stanford Human Perception Lab. Mohan has a bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering, a master’s in Electrical Engineering, and an MBA with specialization in computational finance.

President & COO


Jonathan “JB” Ballon, SkyHive’s President and Chief Operating Officer, is responsible for the company’s global operations and strategic alliances.  

Jonathan is an enterprise technology veteran, having spent 25 years in leadership roles at multiple startups, as well as large companies such as Cisco, General Electric, and Intel.  

At Intel, Jonathan grew the IoT and Edge Computing business unit by 20 percent CAGR over six years with a 20 percent operating margin. He has been a pioneer in machine learning/deep learning hardware and developer software tools through organic development as well as strategic acquisitions. At Cisco, he created and led strategy, planning, and business development for the company’s $10B service and solutions business.  

Jonathan serves on the boards of several successful deep tech companies, including a silicon platform for power-intelligent edge computing systems, a machine learning software platform, and a security-as-a-service business, and has been an advisor at multiple billion-dollar companies.

Head of Partnerships


Petra is the Head of Partnerships and oversees the relationships and go to market with our valued technology partners (e.g., Workday, Microsoft, SAP), professional services partners (e.g., Accenture, Mercer, Randstad, LHH, etc.), and educational partners. Kuret was a senior leader at Accenture for 25 years driving large scale transformations with Fortune 500 companies as well as outsourcing engagements. Most recently, Kuret was SVP Transformation and HR for a leading values-based bank where she piloted Skyhive—and the rest is history! Kuret’s strong sense of ‘walking in the client’s shoes’ accelerates our partners ability to drive success for their business.

Chief Customer Officer


Sergey leads the solutioning team, a role in which his expertise in software development and passion for exceptional quality shine through. With one foot in the world of technology and the other in business, Sergey is excited about the transformative power of SkyHive’s core technology and its applications to various business challenges. Having come from previous leadership positions in the not-for-profit and education sectors, Sergey’s values are closely aligned with SkyHive’s mission of building a future of inclusive work and social equality. Sergey is driven by the potential he sees in creating a lasting, meaningful, positive impact through SkyHive.

Vice President, People & Culture, HRBP


Johanna Skitt, SkyHive's Head of Human Resources, brings to the company a wealth of experience spanning more than 25 years in leadership roles within the field of human resources. Her illustrious career has seen her provide counsel to top-tier executives across a diverse spectrum of industries, ranging from fashion to finance, and even forensic engineering.

With an unwavering commitment to directness and efficiency, Johanna is a tenacious professional who stops at nothing until the task is successfully accomplished. She is a trusted and accomplished leader in the realm of human resources, bringing her extensive expertise to the forefront of our organization. Johanna Skitt is the driving force behind SkyHive's HR initiatives, and her remarkable track record speaks volumes about her ability to excel in the most challenging environments.

SVP, Finance


Ed Corneiro is Senior Vice President of Finance of SkyHive and oversees all aspects of planning, development, implementation, and maintenance of the finance and accounting departments, supporting and promoting profitable goals and objectives in alignment with SkyHive’s mission.

Ed is a strategic financial management expert and respected voice in enterprise technology investments and risk management. Ed provides leadership and development of company financial planning and budget management and ensures SkyHive’s adherence to local, state and federal budgetary reporting requirements and accounting principles.

Ed has over 20 years of experience serving in strategic financial management and leadership positions. Ed also serves on the Advisory Council for the Dean of Science at Monmouth University.

Help build a more
capable planet

Help us demonstrate how technology can be used to reinvigorate—not replace—our workforces.

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