Build an automated skills inventory

Automate skills assessments and ensure your organization always has the right skills in the right places.

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What skills do we have?

The power of an automated skills inventory

Source talent faster

Source the right talent faster for business-critical projects

Beat skill gaps

Stay on top of any potential gaps in skills amidst change

Improve performance

Turn skill gaps into upskilling opportunities for employees

SkyHive x Gainwell

“The business can finally move rapidly and with flexibility because we now know what our workforce is capable of accomplishing.”

– Julie Moore,

Principal, Talent & Development

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360° visibility into the skills of your workforce

Skill assessment

Understand the skills of your workforce

Identify skill requirements and gaps at the individual, department, or location-level

Compare the skills you need with the skills you have to ensure gaps are closed

Ensure organizational capability is aligned with strategic objectives

Skill development

Empower your employees with a blueprint for mobility

Accelerate time to value for key roles by empowering employees to bridge skill gaps

Allow employees to track skills growth over time and keep up-to-date on skill requirements

Boost retention by improving employee experience and offering targeted learning opportunities

Skill analytics

Adapt to changing needs and monitor progress

Mobilize and transition talent through AI-driven skill proximity and re-skilling pathway identification

Track and optimize your workforce capabilities and monitor growth over time

Accelerate your workforce transformation journey with SkyHive Enterprise

Create a skills-first career framework, develop a workforce plan to close skills gaps, and mobilize business critical skills using our end-to-end workforce transformation application.

Ready to unleash potential across your workforce?

The world's most ethical Al people technology to help you transition from jobs-based to skills-based — award-winning, demonstrated, and internationally recognized.

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