The world labor economy at its most updated, granular level using patented AI technology

Our products, backed by the only global operating system for skills-based HCM, provide the deepest intelligence available today. Built directly into your existing HR technologies, you can finally achieve the inter-operability other systems lack.

What does HCOS do?

Enables your technologies to speak the same language

SkyHive’s Human Capital Operating System enables existing technologies to speak and share the same skills language. We can normalize data from multiple systems, with interoperability design at its core.

How does HCOS work?

Powered by the world’s largest knowledge graph

HCOS ingests 24TB of raw data a day over 180 countries and transforms it into insights that empower your organization. Normalize skill languages, leverage real-time intelligence and standardize talent architecture with more guidance than you’ve ever had before.

Additionally, it’s fully encrypted and compliant with GDPR, SOC, ISO 27001, Ethical AI, and other regulatory frameworks.

100+ companies rely on SkyHive’s Human Capital Operating System