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SkyHive recognized as a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum

for its pioneering application of AI in democratizing labor opportunities globally and unleashing human potential in unprecedented ways.

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Illuminating the reskilling journey

We are on a mission to reskill the world. By marrying economic theory with workforce modeling and human analytics, we help companies, communities, and countries future-proof their workforces faster than ever before.

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SkyHive has built the world’s only Quantum Labor Analysis platform to optimize human economies in real time for companies, communities, and countries.

We work with some of the most prominent names in the industry


Future-proof your workforce faster than ever before

From the individual worker to the corporation to the global economy,
SkyHive is unleashing human potential across the world.


Discover the skills and talents you didn't know you had to unleash your true potential. Find the job you love but didn’t know about. SkyHive exists to empower you to continuously evolve yourself and attain the career and livelihood you deserve.


Accelerate the lifelong learning and reskilling journey to build a capable and future-ready workforce. SkyHive enables adaptive workforce planning and helps you close the skills gap in your organization with speed and efficiency.


Connect people with jobs and learning opportunities at scale. Foster diversity and inclusion for underrepresented groups. SkyHive helps you bring economic empowerment to individuals and communities throughout the country.

The world’s only Quantum Labor Analysis platform

With the most powerful knowledge graph of jobs, skills, training, and labor market intelligence in the world,
SkyHive democratizes labor opportunities and future​-proofs the global workforce in unprecedented ways.

SkyHive Enterprise

An end-to-end reskilling platform that automates skills assessment, identifies future talent needs, fills skill gaps through targeted learning recommendations, and allows for continuous calibration through adaptive workforce planning.

Labor Market Intelligence

SkyHive streams real-time, geo-located, and time-stamped labor market data, empowering you with the essential insights you need for competitive benchmarking, strategic workforce planning, and optimal location strategy.

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“That’s been an exceptionally powerful insight — you need the AI to show you what’s possible. This opened our eyes to work with our people to help them consider different opportunities in line with their passions and strengths that they may have considered out of reach previously.”

Patrick Hull
VP Future of Work, Unilever


“Not only did SkyHive find people vastly underestimate their own skills, but that in some cases, a person would only need to pick up a few additional skills to switch careers entirely.”

“Current talent analytics platforms lack the external market data necessary to provide benchmarks against internal findings. SkyHive automates skills detection, forecasts skills evolution and provides learning program recommendations that can reduce skills gaps or support career movement.”


“SkyHive’s competency-based methodology allows individuals to be placed in roles independent of education, credential, ethnicity or gender factors and seeks to eliminate bias in the employment and advancement processes.”

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