SkyHive Skill Passport™

Transform from a digital workforce to an intelligent workforce. Transform the way you work and learn.

Revolutionize work, learning, and development

  • Transition to a modern, skills-based economy, powered by advanced AI.
  • All four sides of the labor market in one real-time and fluid system.

Know your skills and how they fit into any career

  • Pick any career and find a personalized pathway of training to help you get there.
  • Prepare for the jobs of today and the future.

Gain real time intelligence

  • Monitor real time signals of workforce trends and competitive intelligence impacting your business.
  • Upskill and reskill employees and find exceptional talent faster than ever before.

Offer the right training

  • Track the quality and relevancy of your training content based on the changing needs of employers.
  • Use real time labor market data to inform curriculum development and identify learners who can benefit.

Keep a finger on the pulse of the global labor market

  • Monitor the impact of an intelligent labor economy on your micro and macro-economic performance.
  • Connect workers and learners with job opportunities, and help employers grow and compete.
  • Empower educational institutions to reskill and upskill citizens with the right training.

Sponsor Transformation

  • Launch targeted initiatives to reskill and upskill workforces with Skill Passport Hives.
  • Collaborate on initiatives to achieve outcomes faster across the workforce ecosystem.

Achieve greater impact across your workforce


Empower individuals to improve their skills and shape their present and future careers through reskilling and upskilling.


Collaborate across communities, industries, and educational institutions. Build the workforce needed for a digital economy.


Optimize all aspects of workforce development using
a skills-based approach. 

Success story

“We're continually monitoring the skills most in demand by employers and seeing who can be reskilled. We’re really thrilled about this collaboration between Collège La Cité and SkyHive, and the kind of data now at our disposal — we’re getting very precise information.”

– Paul Toupin,

Director of La Cité des affaires, Collège La Cité

La Cité logo - SkyHive AI

Ready to unleash potential across your workforce?

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Who sponsors Skill Passport™ Ecosystem

Government Skills

Foster community resilience and economic empowerment. Help individuals identify the skills they have, the skills they’ll need, and the optimal pathway to success.

Workforce Intermediaries and Educators

Ensure the development of in-demand skills, provide expert guidance on optimal career pathways, and connect individuals with rewarding job opportunities.

Impact Leaders and DE&I Champions

Eliminate bias with skills-based hiring. Discover reskilling and upskilling opportunities to help develop talent.

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