SkyHive Skill Passport™

SkyHive is pioneering the world’s transition from a digital workforce to an intelligent workforce through its Skill Passport. The Skill Passport transforms the way we work and learn.

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Trusted by leading organizations

Achieve greater impact across your workforce


By giving every person the co-pilot to navigate and prepare for meaningful careers.

Remove barriers

With a single skills language for employers, educators, and learners/job seekers that evolves with industries and innovations.

Promote equity

By transitioning your hiring and training to skills and away from titles and credentials.

How does it work?

Where the skills of today and for tomorrow are understood by all

Deploy an AI-powered marketplace where employers, educators work together to create new paths for job seekers based on skills.

Our analytics-driven monitoring helps you reach your customizable employment, training, and placement goals.

Job Seeker and Learner Experience

Empower your workforce to achieve career success

AI-powered experiences to enable users to understand what skills they have and how to build them.

Real-time insight on trending and in demand career paths with clear visibility into what skills are required.

See matched jobs and training based on skills, compensation goals and previous experience.

Employer Experience

Help employers see people for their skills

Access untapped talent by partnering with sponsors to hire based on skills.

Boost your talent pipeline efforts with AI skills intelligence.

Automated identification of the skills required for your job postings.

Sponsor Experience

Build and manage a highly skilled workforce

Enhance visibility of labor-market conditions to achieve employment, sustainability, and skill development goals.

Utilize up-to-date data on job openings, salaries, and projections to bridge skill gaps.

Surface opportunities, analyze development efforts, and adapt to labor market changes proactively.

“We're continually monitoring the skills most in demand by employers and seeing who can be reskilled. We’re really thrilled about this collaboration between Collège La Cité and SkyHive, and the kind of data now at our disposal — we’re getting very precise information.”

– Paul Toupin,

Director of La Cité des affaires, Collège La Cité

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Who sponsors Skill Passport™


Foster community resilience and economic empowerment. Help individuals identify the skills they have, the skills they’ll need, and the optimal pathway to success —regardless of their previous job title.

Workforce Intermediaries and Educators

Promote the development of specific skills, help individuals identify the optimal pathways to reaching goals, and uncover job opportunities.

Impact Leaders and DE&I Champions

Remove bias by using skills — instead of jobs — to match candidates to positions. Discover opportunities to reskill or upskill talent with training.

Ready to unleash potential across your workforce?

The world's most ethical Al people technology to help you transition from jobs-based to skills-based — award-winning, demonstrated, and internationally recognized.

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