Understand your workforce of today, and plan for your workforce of tomorrow.

SkyHive Skill Passport™ allows individuals to understand the skills they have, the skills they’ll need, and how to bridge the gaps.

Career Development

Adaptive Career and Reskilling Pathways

SkyHive’s Skill Passport platform identifies career pathways that are adaptive, based on the career goals, and reflective of the individual’s reskilling progress. Through a skills-first approach, SkyHive opens new pathways for individuals far beyond what would have been available traditionally. Additionally, it provides a complete visualization of an individual’s reskilling journey and maps out the training to be undertaken.


Learning Opportunities

Based on the skills gaps identified, SkyHive finds learning and development options that cover the skills required for career progression or transition. With just a few clicks, the upskilling journey is created and tracks all the learning progress onto the Skill Passport.

Skills First Approach

Skills-based Job Matching

Using SkyHive’s engine, SkyHive automatically recommends job opportunities and matches relevant skills to the skills profile. The streamlined job matching process allows individuals to look beyond their conventional career path and save a significant amount of time by targeting key skills.

Labor Market Insight

Real-Time Labor Market Data

SkyHive provides Skill Passport sponsors with unprecedented visibility into labor market conditions to meet employment, sustainability and skill development goals for any population. Leverage accurate, real-time data on job openings, salary levels, and time and cost projections to close any skills gap. Compare the ROI of different development efforts and strategize according to shifts in the labor market—before they’ve occurred.

Who sponsors skill passport?

Our mission to reskill the world starts with you.

Enterprise Leaders

Eliminate bias and look past the traditional job
title by determining the precise skill match
between a candidate and an open position.Offer
learning opportunities to help bridge skill gaps
and discover potential candidates that may have
been overlooked in previous hiring methods.

Government Leaders

Foster community resilience and economic
empowerment by helping individuals better
understand the skills they have, the skills they’ll
need, and the optimal pathway to remain
relevant and competitive—regardless of their
previous job title.

Skill Developers and Educators

Promote the development of specific skills
needed, help individuals better understand the
optimal pathways to reaching their future goals,
and connect them to available job opportunities
along the way.