Continuously develop business critical skills

Align employee development with your business goals.

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What actions should we take?

Unlock success through skill development

Benchmark accurately

Continuously measure skill development with precision

Upskill talent

Allow employees to self-serve on trainings that target skill gaps

Optimize resources

Save time and cost by investing in training where it matters most

Empower employees for sustainable growth

Employee engagement

Foster a culture of continuous learning

Empower your employees to seek out development opportunities

Align employee growth with your business objectives, ensuring skill gaps are addressed

Training & development

Self-service learning to bridge skill gaps

Empower employees to take the reins of their own development

Allow employees to pinpoint skill gaps or career aspirations and access relevant training

Offer targeted, skills-based training and joint-monitoring of progress

Continuous benchmarking

Real-time monitoring for ongoing improvement

Stay ahead by tracking employee training progress and making necessary adjustments

Evaluate time requirements for achieving goals and closing skill gaps and monitor progress in real-time

This opened our eyes to work with our people to help them consider different opportunities in line with their passions and strengths that they may have considered out of reach previously.

– Patrick Hull,

Vice President - Future of Work, Unilever

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Create a skills-first career framework, develop a workforce plan to close skills gaps, and mobilize business critical skills using our end-to-end workforce transformation application.

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