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Workforce transformation is mission critical for government now

Human capital challenges in the public sector are approaching crisis levels.

Only 4 in 10 vacancies were filled in the past year

Post-pandemic hiring in government has lagged other sectors, despite an increase in job openings.

From Deloitte

More than 20% of civil servants will become eligible to retire in the next five years

38% of governments report that employees are accelerating their retirement plans.

From Deloitte &

52% of public sector employees are considering leaving their jobs

72% of public sector workers who left their jobs in 2020-22 exited public service entirely.

From Great Resignation and McKinsey

Only 1/3 of public sector organizations have an IDC

Only 36.3% of civil servants are satisfied with the current training and professional development opportunities available to them, while less than half (44.5%) feel they have access to the learning opportunities they need to move to the next level in their career.

From Global Govt Forum

86% of Gen Z youth do not prioritize public service in their career goals

And less than half of recent graduates consider government service due to negative perceptions of outdated job requirements and slow hiring processes.

From Meritalk & Qualtrics

Skills shortages undermine the public sector’s ability to deliver vital services to communities

SkyHive Enterprise can help leaders address these challenges.

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The COVID-19 crisis demonstrated that the maturity of digital government is a key factor in its ability to respond to crises with resilience and agility (Source: OECD).

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From clean drinking water to national defense, public welfare depends on a skilled civil service, yet only 35% of public sector organizations say they have an enterprise program for skills development.

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Failure to address skills shortages undermines the ability of governments to modernize; 80 percent of government transformation efforts fail to fully meet their objectives due to a lack of technical skills (Source: McKinsey).

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To survive a ‘polycrisis’ future, government must get ahead of merely delivering services and begin anticipating the needs of communities.

A more skilled civil service is the key to preserving public trust - SkyHive Enterprise can help.

Governments that address these human capital challenges could collectively save their communities $3.5T a year.

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Achieve a future-ready civil service

SkyHive Enterprise helps civil service leaders answer four key questions.


What skills do we have?

Automate cumbersome skills mapping and assessment to quickly gain a 360° view of your workforce capabilities. Seamlessly integrate with leading HCM providers and systems integrators.


What skills do we need?

Access real-time labor market data and insights to support proactive identification of emerging skills needs. Modernize IT architecture and respond to emerging disruptors.


What are the gaps?

Identify skills gaps at a workforce and individual level. Focus budgets and bandwidth on the areas of greatest impact and minimize time wasted on ineffective or misaligned efforts.


What actions do we take?

Prioritize initiatives and mobilize government employees for effective workforce transformation. Foster skills-based hiring, digital upskilling, and IT modernization.

“It’s been an exceptionally powerful insight—you need the AI to show you what’s possible. This opened our eyes to work with our people to help them consider different opportunities in line with their passions and strengths that they may have considered out of reach previously.”

– Patrick Hull, Vice President Future of Work, Unilever

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How you can benefit from
our data-driven approach

Enhance service delivery, quality, and design within government operations

Post-pandemic hiring in government has lagged other sectors, despite an increase in job openings.

Optimize use of public resources, eliminating FWA (Fraud, Waste, and Abuse)

38% of governments report that employees are accelerating their retirement plans.

Innovative approaches to solving complex community challenges

Strategic workforce planning and skills-based hiring drive community-centered innovation in government organizations.

Did you know?

The New York Times editorial board recently penned an op-ed urging readers to “see workers as workers,” citing Pennsylvania’s elimination of degree requirements for 92 percent of state jobs, aligning the Commonwealth with Maryland, Utah, Boulder County (Colorado), and other U.S. governments making public service jobs accessible to more qualified Americans.

How SkyHive makes skills-based hiring a reality for STARs

With access to SkyHive’s database of global labor market intelligence, Opportunity@Work is able to strengthen their skills-based hiring platform for employers in need of talent.

Just today, there are more than 300 state government jobs currently open and available that no longer require a four-year degree. We are partnering with @OpptyatWork to identify individuals to fill these positions, all which are now listed at

– Larry Hogan,

Governor of Maryland

Larry Hogan portrait - SkyHive AI

Face the future confidently with SkyHive

Skills-based hiring & mobility

Foster workforce development using the language of skills

Transform government with skills-based hiring and mobility.

Automate the translation of static job descriptions into dynamic, skills-first definitions.

Leverage real-time labor market intelligence for strategic public sector workforce planning.

Employee Reskilling

Continuously build critical skills for government employees

Strategically upskill the public sector workforce in the digital skills of the broader economy.

Bring laser focus to L&D, time, and employee experience investments.

Manage employee reskilling and upskilling efforts in connection to your workforce strategy.

Foster employee growth through training, project, and mentorship experiences.

Workforce Strategy

Build the public sector workforce of the future with speed and efficiency

Make government a great place to launch a career and learn valuable skills

Access real-time trends and shifts of public sector skills by time, geographies, and jobs.

Map out which skills are required and model the build, buy, borrow strategy.

Skill Identification

Strategic workforce planning for government

Optimize government headcount and make smarter build/buy decisions to get the skills that are under supplied.

Create a first-class public sector skills repository by standardizing skills and automating skills collection, storing, and mapping.

Ready to unleash potential across your workforce?

The world's most ethical Al people technology to help you transition from jobs-based to skills-based — award-winning, demonstrated, and internationally recognized.

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Accelerate your workforce transformation journey with SkyHive Enterprise

Create a skills-first career framework, develop a workforce plan to close skills gaps, and mobilize business critical skills using our end-to-end workforce transformation application.

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