Generate a workforce plan to close skills gaps

Compare the skills you need, with the skills you have to create a clear path to your workforce future state.

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Why use skills within your workforce plan?

Chart the path to success for your organization

Optimal resourcing

Use AI to build, mobilize, or hire the right skills, optimizing the organization's resource allocation for maximum efficiency.

Strategic agility

Easily generate and regenerate workforce plans to identify required skills to meet organizational needs.

Make decisions confidently

Access real-time insights on trends and shifts of jobs and skills in the labor market across time and location.

Chart the path to success for your organization

Labor market intelligence

Access real-time insights on labor market conditions

Analyze specific jobs and compare skill gaps between your workforce and the labor market.

Visualize skill trends, supply and demand, salary levels, geographic data, and more.

Strategic workforce planning

Guide your strategies with data

Identify what skills are needed to bridge gaps

Model the build, mobilize, or buy strategy to make better informed decisions

Career pathing

Boost internal mobility and retain valuable talent

Mobilize and transition talent through AI-driven skill proximity and re-skilling pathway identification

Leverage expert analysis of industry, segment or labor market transitions

This opened our eyes to work with our people to help them consider different opportunities in line with their passions and strengths that they may have considered out of reach previously.

– Patrick Hull,

Vice President - Future of Work, Unilever

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Ready to unleash potential across your workforce?

The world's most ethical Al people technology to help you transition from jobs-based to skills-based — award-winning, demonstrated, and internationally recognized.

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Accelerate your workforce transformation journey with SkyHive Enterprise

Create a skills-first career framework, develop a workforce plan to close skills gaps, and mobilize business critical skills using our end-to-end workforce transformation application.

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