Real-time, global workforce insight

Leverage the most advanced knowledge graph of jobs, skills, training and labor market intelligence.

Continuously build business critical skills by answering four key questions

Job Architecture

Transition ‘work’ to the language of skills

Automate the translation of static job descriptions into dynamic, skills-first definitions. Integrate your job architecture with SkyHive’s Human Capital Operating System™ for continuous and automatic translation using real-time labor market intelligence.

Skills Hub

Create and automate an inventory for skills with real-time insights

Create a first-class skills repository that’s built to last by extracting, augmenting, and standardizing skills and skill proficiency for each employee. Improve training, planning, or hiring decisions with continuous and automatic skills collection, storing, and mapping.

Workforce Strategy

Ensure organizational needs are met with speed and efficiency

Access real-time trends and shifts of the skills of the labor market by time, geographies, and jobs. Map out which skills are required and model the build, buy, borrow strategy—charting the path to achieve your desired future state.

Employee Reskilling

Continuously build business critical skills

Bring laser focus to L&D investment, time investment, and career impact for the employee experience. Create, assign, and monitor employee reskilling and upskilling efforts connected to your workforce strategy. Create and provide engaging experiences (training, projects, mentorship) for employees to grow.