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Future-proof your workforce faster than ever before

SkyHive is the global standard for responsible and scalable reskilling,
democratizing labor opportunities and unleashing human potential in unprecedented ways.

The World’s Only Quantum Labor Analysis Platform.

SkyHive applies its pioneering Quantum Labor Analysis methodology to continuously collect and analyze millions of real-time labor market data points, serving as the most powerful knowledge graph of jobs, skills, training, and labor market intelligence in the world.

It represents a quantum leap in our understanding of the very fabric of the economy, and fundamentally transforms how we work, learn, and live.

By cognifying the world's labor economy and democratizing the information, SkyHive functions as the Global Operating System for Human Capital, solving the toughest challenges faced by companies, communities, and countries today.

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A real-time, end-to-end workforce reskilling platform

Assess your workforce’s skills at speed and scale through AI-driven skills mapping

Rapidly gain deep insights into the skills of your existing workforce at an individual, departmental, and organizational level. Benchmark against market trends to identify current skill gaps, future skill deficits, and internal mobility paths. SkyHive integrates with your HR systems and automates skills extraction from existing employee data. Alternatively, employees can upload resumes and create their unique skills profiles in an average of 6 minutes.

Future-proof your organization with adaptive workforce planning

Leveraging real-time labor market intelligence, SkyHive helps you identify emerging skills and evolving roles, assess skill gaps in your existing workforce, and address gaps with optimized “build, borrow, buy or bot” strategies; ensuring an agile and evolving workforce plan that adapts to the ever-changing business needs and market trends.

Align learning & development with current and future workforce requirements

SkyHive aggregates learning content from Learning Management Systems and matches individuals’ skill gaps to targeted learning. This skills-first approach enables learners to fill precise skill gaps and optimizes the usage of training budgets. With deep intelligence on the current and future labor market demands, SkyHive ensures that your workforce is equipped with the skills needed to achieve your organization’s desired future state.

Optimize internal mobility and unlock human potential through personalized reskilling pathways

Using AI, SkyHive facilitates skill-based proximity analysis and identifies new career pathways at scale, opening the aperture of possibilities for your workforce. It identifies skills needed for evolving roles and employees' hidden skills, then builds personalized reskilling pathways with targeted learning content to bridge the skill gaps. By helping workers understand how they can progress within the company, SkyHive retains your valuable talent while transitioning them from declining to emerging roles.

Drive recruitment efficiency, accuracy, and volume

By matching jobs and applicants based on skills, SkyHive automates candidate sourcing and brings forward qualified talent in real-time, reducing average time-to-hire by 30%. SkyHive's powerful passive recruitment capabilities enable your organization to find qualified candidates outside of your talent funnels; rapidly filling critical positions and significantly expanding your candidate pool.

SkyHive is the ‘decoder ring’ for the Future of Work.

Its skills intelligence is embedded throughout the employee lifecycle and people processes.

The Workforce

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Enterprise Integrations

SkyHive integrates with HCM/HRIS, LMS, ATS solutions and fits seamlessly into your existing technology stack. It transforms employee, job, and training data into a universal “skills language,” unlocking new value from existing data like never before.

“HCM application leaders focused on revamping the organization's journey to support the future of work should: build workforce planning models with granular information about worker skills, capabilities and knowledge supported by the labor market and business trends in order to create robust talent profiles across the organization.”


Build a future-proof workforce with SkyHive today.

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