Closing Skills Gaps to Transform Canada's Energy Sector

The workforce-transformation company TALENT is driving innovation and industry change with SkyHive Skill Passport.

At a glance

Canada targets net-zero emissions by 2050

Skills intelligence is needed to provide learning and career paths to energy-industry employees looking to shift into emerging roles

Using SkyHive Skill Passport, TALENT is reskilling by the thousands with plans to greatly expand the successful program

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Why TALENT partnered with SkyHive

Proven Product Excellence

TALENT CEO Rachel Sumner lauds SkyHive for its track record, longevity, and adaptability for organizations of all sizes.

Commitment to Ethical AI

Sumner emphasizes SkyHive CTO Mohan Reddy's pivotal role in advancing ethical AI on the product and his leadership.

Collaborative nature

Sumner see SkyHive and TALENT as on a journey together rather than a vendor-client relationship.

Outcomes & ROI


Canadian energy industry employees TALENT aims to support in the next three years.


Job seekers and learners TALENT has reskilled to date.


Learners TALENT aims to reach by 2026.

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We want to use SkyHive to inject emerging skills where they're going to be needed, and encourage reskilling in those areas.

Rachel Sumner,


The Dual Benefits of SkyHive Skill Passport

Empowering job seekers and learners

SkyHive Skill Passport guides job seekers with insights into essential job-ready skills, offering affordable and flexible tailored digital learning.


TALENT used SkyHive to help employers find skill shortages in Canada and uncover hidden skills within their workforces.

SkyHive Skill Passport™

Create a thriving marketplace for skill development and career success to empower and connect job seekers and employers.

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Our Solution

Skill Passport becomes a valuable navigator of career paths. By matching their skills, individuals gain insights into potential roles.

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