January 16, 2024

Using AI Technology, a Canadian Edtech Is Working to Fill Skills Gaps in the Energy Industry

Using AI Technology, a Canadian Edtech Is Working to Fill Skills Gaps in the Energy Industry

TALENT plans to transform the sector with SkyHive

The Canadian government has set a nationwide goal of net-zero emissions by 2050. This will require billions of dollars in tax credits, new nuclear and alternative-energy infrastructure, and, of course, a highly-skilled workforce.  

On the front lines of this workforce transformation is a Canadian organization called TALENT that is using AI technology to reskill by the thousands.

Using the SkyHive Skill Passport, TALENT is working with employers, unions, post-secondary institutions, associations, and governmental organizations to connect them with job candidates and provide individuals with reskilling opportunities.  

TALENT is working with organizations with 500+ employees and members in Canada, with plans to expand globally. Starting with the energy sector, TALENT is growing its partners to include stakeholders like the Canadian Nuclear Association.  

TALENT’s initiative is detailed in a new case study.  

In brief, here’s how it works.  

The Passport of Opportunity for Individuals

An employee or job seeker using Skill Passport, whether through a computer or mobile device, can translate their work experience into the language of skills.  

From there, the Skill Passport recommends jobs that help the user see jobs in three different ways: jobs that are high in demand; jobs that are paying higher than their current compensation; and jobs that are a great match to their current skills.  

The Skill Passport also helps navigate career paths. Individuals can explore career paths that match their skills. And, they can see the training they need to succeed in their chosen career paths.  

The user sees how they match to a variety of different future roles. They view the average salary in that role. And, they access learning opportunities to help them move to new roles.

Making Matches for Organizations

TALENT is partnering with companies, educational institutions, professional associations, and other groups to support their search for job candidates.

To take one example of how this works, let’s say a solar company needs to fill specific jobs. It can upload them to Skill Source, the employer part of the Skill Passport program.

With Skill Source, employers indicate the skills that are very important in a particular role. They also mark skills as required, or more of a ”nice to have.”  

From there, the platform helps employers generate a job description.

Employers receive a list of matches to the job, based on a percentage skills match.  

Employers can invite any of the matches, at which time those matches become candidates.

The Skill Passport isn’t exclusively a hiring or sourcing tool. It’s an upskilling/reskilling platform, giving individuals a look at their skills and what each needs to learn to transition to a role that’s emerging or highly valuable in the job market.    

It’s All About the Data

What’s unique about the Skill Passport that goes far beyond any traditional job board or learning management system is something working in the background. The Passport takes advantage of SkyHive’s knowledge graph, the world’s largest set of data on jobs, pay, skills, and the labor market. And it uses large language models to draw insights from the data.

In other words, the platform is generating data, insights, and intelligence that aren’t available elsewhere.

“We now have the ability through the dashboard to understand skill gaps relative to workforce supply in real-time,” says Rachel Sumner, CEO of TALENT. “And we can see which schools and education partners have the right training and learning.”

TALENT has impacted more than 4,500 learners to date. It aims to reach 15,000 by 2026.

Read the complete case study of this innovative initiative here.

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