April 25, 2023

The Emerging Skillstech Landscape

The Emerging Skillstech Landscape

A new report from Northeastern University called Understanding the Emerging Skillstech Landscape reviews the "explosion of providers of 'skillstech' tools and the ongoing dialogue about skills frameworks in the policy world."

Northeastern spent a year doing research, demos, and interviews for the report. The goal: to define the skills intelligence landscape, examine how it's changing, and identify what interested stakeholders should be thinking about.

One topic the report addresses is Integration, the No. 1 frustration in HR technology.

Northeastern says that "it is early in the still-evolving skillstech landscape. The development of this market is expected to include new entrants, potential consolidation, and continued work to integrate with other HR systems."

Indeed, SkyHive CEO and Co-founder Sean Hinton says in the report that “a few years ago HR went all-in on investing in applications, but the issue is these applications don’t speak to each other, and therefore cannot provide a unified talent architecture that commonly defines jobs and skills across the organization.”

According to the skills-intelligence report, "Vendors who specialize in working with internal employee and skills data often operate under the expectation that part of their core competency is to consolidate and normalize data from siloed applications."

Northeastern's report, which should be of interest to skills-based organizations working to improve their skills inventories and skills taxonomies, is available free here.

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