How AI Will Shape the Future Workforce

How AI Will Shape the Future Workforce

Imagine hospitality workers, instead of finding themselves out of work with the closure of a hotel, seamlessly reskilling and moving into solar-panel installation roles.

Or. picture a fossil-fuel engineer seeing that about 70 percent of their skills match up to a greener, geothermal energy role that they can move into.

Those transitions will happen regularly in a future of work described by Mohan Reddy, SkyHive's co-founder and Chief Technical Officer and Associate Director of Technology at Stanford's Human Perception Lab, on a new podcast. "AI will help people see all that they can actually do, based on skill proximities," says Reddy.

In this new podcast from Kryterion, which is in the testing and certification business, Reddy talks about:

  • How AI can be used to help move a company from jobs-based to skills-based
  • What's next for Generative AI
  • Reskilling in the age of AI
  • The coming inversion: people will become the demand, and the jobs will become the supply
  • The four, siloed parts of the workforce ecosystem
  • The ethics of AI
  • His singular message about whether AI is good, bad, or somewhere in between

Listen to Mohan Reddy on the podcast here or using the embed below.

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