You’ll Be Hearing About the Ethics of AI in '23

You’ll Be Hearing About the Ethics of AI in '23

One item likely to appear—or at least should appear—on the many upcoming lists of predictions for the world of talent management next year: AI ethics. 

In the U.S., the EEOC has been exploring how AI tools could increase (or reduce) bias. The White House got into the game this year with its blueprint for an AI bill of rights. We can expect more attention to this topic come January, when New York’s AI-ethics law goes into effect. Those rules require an audit of employers’ automation tools and a disclosure of what information is being collected. 

This is going to affect you even if you’re not in California or New York. Laws are percolating in many other states as well as is in the European Union. Plus, everyone – in this case your employees, job seekers, partners, suppliers, and others – will be hearing about AI ethics more and more and caring about it. They’ll want to know that any technologies they are interacting with meet privacy, bias-reduction, and other standards. 

The ethics of AI is a topic of great interest to SkyHive, a member of the Artificial Intelligence Institute and the winner of this year’s RAISE Award for exhibiting best practices in responsible AI when it comes to skills inventories, skills taxonomies, and other upskilling and reskilling efforts for agile workforces. Mohan Reddy, SkyHive’s chief technical officer, who’s also the Associate Director at Stanford University’s Human Perception Lab, talked December 14 about how organizations can prepare for the growing number of rules and regulations around the world. He’ll focus the free event mainly on taking your questions about AI ethics. 

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