November 29, 2023

At Gainwell, Mentoring, Learning, and Job-profile Completion Have Risen Sharply

At Gainwell, Mentoring, Learning, and Job-profile Completion Have Risen Sharply

When we last caught up with Gainwell, the healthcare-technology company was undergoing a transformation to a more skills-based organization. Its business requires flexibility as it moves from project to project quickly. So, it needs to know the skills of each member of its workforce. Plus, it wants to improve internal mobility and retention by offering more growth opportunities.  

After that initial launch, Gainwell had 10,600 employees with an average of 22 skills per profile. Employees had completed more than 600 courses.

Now, several months later, here's where it’s at:  

  • Employees now have 36 skills on average per profile
  • Employees have completed 1,567 courses
  • 257 employees have found mentors

Julie Moore, Principal, Learning & Development at Gainwell, says that “the more engagement we have with employees updating and refreshing their profiles, the better outcomes we are having with internal mobility.”

Over the next few months, Moore is going to continue promoting the value of an accurate skills profile by offering training sessions for employees, and communication and outreach campaigns to company leaders. It also has started integrating skills data into key roles to help it identify who may have the right potential and may be otherwise overlooked. As part of that effort, it has posted “hot jobs” as a way for employees to build career paths to internal roles that are in greater demand.

Are you thinking of pursuing a skills transformation similar to Gainwell? Let us know.

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