A skills-first approach to innovation in healthcare technology

AI and skills data are helping companies like Gainwell become more flexible, improve recruiting, and foster internal mobility.

At a glance

Gainwell aimed to bridge skill gaps by aligning employee development efforts with strategic business objectives.

To foster internal mobility, Gainwell hoped to enhance its existing workforce insights, and improve its ability to redeploy skills.

SkyHive helped Gainwell identify 80% of employee’s skills in less than six months, boosting flexibility by pinpointing how skills are transferable.

Gainwell strengthened employee engagement and development efforts while closing skill gaps by offering SkyHive’s targeted training recommendations and personalized tools.

Employee Reskilling

A culture of continuous learning


of employees completed a skills profile by the end of 2022, exceeding Gainwell's goal. AI helped employees quickly identify and uncover skills, based on past roles and experiences.


An initial 645 courses were completed as employees worked to close skill gaps in their current role or other internal opportunities highlighted in their career path.


employees completed a skills profile with 22 skills per profile on average, including a significant number of newly identified skills.

The business can finally move rapidly and with flexibility because we now know what our workforce is capable of accomplishing.

Julie Moore,

Principal, Talent & Development, Gainwell

Gainwell's skills transformation

SkyHive's Human Capital Operating System allowed Gainwell to identify the skills of its workforce, the skills needed in each role, and bridge any gaps.

Gainwell integrated SkyHive with its HR system, SuccessFactors, to access skill intelligence alongside system-of-record data.

Skills Transformation

The results of a skills-based approach

Internal mobility

Gainwell can now identify internal employees to fill open positions and promote from within

Recruiting & Retention

Gainwell is providing a culture of growth and opportunity

Resource allocation

Using employees’ expertise on critical projects; it now knows who has skills such as AWS or Agile

Gainwell by-the-numbers


Leading provider of cloud technology solutions


Approximately 3 million providers engaged annually


About 56 million Medicaid members covered


Employees globally

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