A More Granular Look at Reskilling

A More Granular Look at Reskilling

We've talked a lot about reskilling. But, often we've talked about it at scale, like an energy company going more digital; a financial-services company combatting financial crime; or, a college helping to reskill by the hundreds.

But what does reskilling look like if you honed in on a specific job?

The image below, from the Accenture "Future Skills Pilot Report," using an example from the energy sector, should help a lot.

It shows that a machine operator position has high automation potential. This role may not exist in 10, 15, or 20 years. But it involves a lot of transferable skills. By analyzing the skills for this at-risk role, we can see that machine operators actually have a high skills match to a solar installer position, which has a much lower automation potential and may demand higher wages in the growing green energy industry.

This transparency of people’s skills is what SkyHive is all about, specifically helping individuals to:

1. Understand their skills

2. See how their skills relate to better-paid or more interesting roles with a brighter future

3. Support individuals by providing career path and learning guidance to facilitate the transition from one job to another

To do that, we just need for employees to upload a CV or LinkedIn profile into the SkyHive platform, or we can analyze the career history that their employer has in its HR system already.

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