What Gartner® says about HR tech, AI, and skills in its new report

What Gartner® says about HR tech, AI, and skills in its new report

Managing your talent-technology stack is becoming more complex and more AI-driven, but “the demand for employee experience and human-centric work design continues.”

That’s according to the latest Gartner® Hype Cycle™ for HR Technology 2023.  

The report covers multiple subsets of talent technology. For each of those sections, such as workforce planning, Gartner explains what you need to know, why it’s important, what’s driving the changes in that area, any obstacles you may encounter, and recommendations.

In short, here are some of Gartner's insights:

  • By 2025, 60 percent of enterprises will “adopt a responsible AI framework for their HR technology and achieve greater employee experience and trust in the organization.”
  • Skills are the new currency for talent. “They are a foundational element for managing the workforce within any industry,” according to the report. "In times of uncertainty, or when competition is fierce, organizations with better skills data can adapt more quickly and be more dynamic in acquiring and deploying talent.”
  • HR leaders must manage an increasingly complex technology portfolio amid a continued need from HR and business leaders for greater agility and flexibility to address a constantly changing environment.
  • With the increased hype about AI and Generative AI, conversations around productivity and a greater demand for responsible AI continue.
  • As talent leaders add more technologies, they can’t forget the importance of a strong user experience. “Multiple new applications (and vendors) must be budgeted, selected, implemented, and integrated alongside existing solutions.”
  • Consider implementing gradually and expanding. "Select the right places inside the organization to pilot innovations that demonstrate business value,” the report suggests.

SkyHive has been named in three categories: AI-Enabled Skills Management, Labor Market Intelligence, and AI in Talent Acquisition. Read the latest Gartner Hype Cycle for HR Technology here.

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