Boosting NYC’s Economic Resiliency With Partnership Fund for New York City

Long-term changes to employment affecting communities at home and across the world create an urgent need for technologies like SkyHive that are helping support economic resiliency. In New York City, more than 346,000 residents are unemployed despite 243,000 open job postings, suggesting a skills mismatch, among other challenges, in the labor market. That’s why in 2020, the Partnership Fund invested in SkyHive, a company leveraging artificial intelligence to forecast future skillset demands, as part of a broader commitment to support workforce development in New York City.

Why partner with SkyHive

Responsible AI

SkyHive is globally recognized for its best practices in ethical AI by international organizations like the OECD and the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (GPAI).

Continuous innovation

Our products leverage the most advanced knowledge graph of jobs, skills, training, and labor market intelligence.

Partner Ecosystem

SkyHive's ecosystem of partners share our vision of reskilling the world. Together, we help deliver exceptional services and expertise to our customers before, during, and after skills transformation.

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