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We're revolutionizing the global economy by using generative AI to organize workforce data and empower a dynamic, skill-based labor economy. Join us in shaping the future of work.

Modern technology for a modern workforce

Get a system of intelligence that seamlessly integrates with existing people technologies to drive employee engagement and company value

The world’s most ethical AI people technology

Award-winning, demonstrated, internationally recognized ethical AI

Solving critical workforce issues for companies and governments globally

SkyHive’s Quantum Labor Analysis® is supporting the world’s transition from job-based to skill-based at pace and scale

SkyHive’s Human Capital Operating System™ powers and unifies your existing HR technologies with the most advanced talent intelligence and workforce automation available in the world today.

Seamless integration—real time, global labor market insight

A consistent and fluid view of skills, built from the ground up, that seamlessly integrates with pre-existing talent technologies. Using the world’s largest set of skills data, we break the labor market into its smallest pieces, for the most accurate insight

Value of the world’s only Human Capital Operating System™

Set a strategy to build, hire or mobilize the skills you need



Higher efficiency in
learning & development

Easily identify and visualize talent hot spots for location strategies



Improvement in optimizing workforce strategy

Benchmark workforce skills against the labor market and identify skill gaps



Improvement in workforce insights to close skill gaps

Automate the creation of your jobs definitions to be skills-first and bias free



Increase in value for HR leaders and employees

Unify skills into a universal job taxonomy



Engagement rate among employees (compared to 15% market benchmark)

Reduce bias in the hiring process and uncover hidden talent

3 out of 5

of employees cite SkyHive as a reason they’d stay at their current company

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Modern technology for a modern workforce

Learn how you can leverage the world’s only end-to-end Human Capital Operating System™ to transform your workforce and community


There are 130 million career pathways in the world, and they are changing all the time. You have a one-of-a-kind, unique skill DNA that you have developed through your work experience, educational experience and life experience. Use SkyHive Skill Passport™ to discover your unique skill DNA and how it matches to career pathways globally. Achieve career advancement faster, invest your time on learning in the areas of greatest value to your career growth, and advance your income—faster than ever before.


Chances are, you rely heavily on time-consuming, expensive manual processes to define jobs, skills, talent assessment, and compensation. You may have purchased multiple technologies—labor market information systems, talent marketplaces, candidate CRM systems, learning management systems—yet employee engagement is low and the systems themselves are fragmented. SkyHive’s solutions automate manual processes, unify fragmented technologies, and ultimately drive more engagement from the core systems you’ve already invested so much time, money and effort into.


Access the world’s most advanced, real-time labor market information available and keep a finger on the pulse of your workforces and communities. Deploy SkyHive Skill Passport™ to help members of your community find jobs faster than ever before with a better understanding of their skills, access to training, and reskilling and upskilling opportunities. Use SkyHive’s Quantum Labor Analysis® to analyze key investment areas such as infrastructure investments, technology investments, or inform policy analysis.


Learn the real-time skills in-demand by employers in your communities at the most granular level. View predictive analytics to inform of impending labor shortages to inform advanced curriculum development. Deploy SkyHive Skill Passport™ to your students and employers to quickly and accurately match them to employment opportunities.


“Current talent analytics platforms lack the external market data necessary to provide benchmarks against internal findings. SkyHive automates skills detection, forecasts skills evolution and provides learning program recommendations that can reduce skills gaps or support career movement”

- Gartner

Cool Vendors in HCM 2021

“This partnership will allow us to leverage SkyHive’s advanced skills matching algorithm to more accurately represent the skills STARs earn through previous experience and training, as well as skills needed for jobs at many levels and across many industries. Together, we are looking beyond the traditional job title to help employers hire for potential instead of pedigree”

- Kelcey Reed

CTO of Opportunity@Work

“SkyHive uses business as a force for good, so it’s only natural that the company has implemented ethical AI principles from day one. It has gained recognition from OECD and the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence and has established itself as a clear pioneer of purpose-driven and socially beneficial AI”

- Ashley Casovan

Executive Director of RAII

"SkyHive Answers removes the need for intensive manual data analysis, complex data processing, and time-consuming research"

- HR Tech Series

“SkyHive’s technology presents an opportunity to proactively create labor market-responsive training solutions and empower jobseekers to see how their skills transfer to jobs in different employment sectors”

- Marjorie Parker

President and CEO of JobsFirstNYC

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