March 21, 2023

Workday as a Global Workforce Data System

Workday as a Global Workforce Data System

You may have read Josh Bersin’s blog post recently, where he said that “Workday is quite clear that AI and machine learning will, over time, reinvent what business systems do.”

Bersin also said that “AI platforms of today are really global workforce data systems, not just customer data systems. So most of the AI we’ll see in Workday will make your version of Workday run a bit better.”

Join us March 29 for an explanation of what this looks like if you’re a Workday customer.

This shift to a global workforce data system is already happening; there are multiple Fortune 500 and Global 2000 colleagues that are already augmenting Workday with SkyHive. They’re enriching their internal data with external data and ensuring that they can achieve maximum value from their Workday suite investment. This deeper skills intelligence results in better matches of candidates to jobs and more powerful opportunities for employees to pursue gigs, learning opportunities, and internal mobility.  

Bersin said in that blog post that “the Workday Skills Cloud is maturing into a skills intelligence platform and it now has features that make it almost essential for a Workday customer.”

We’ll show you more about the skills intelligence he’s referring to next week.

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