August 30, 2023

Workday: AI, machine learning must be ethical, trustworthy to succeed

Workday: AI, machine learning must be ethical, trustworthy to succeed

If you follow the goings-on of technology companies, you may have seen Workday report its earnings August 24.  

If you didn’t catch the bouyant earnings call with Aneel Bhusri and Carl Eschenbach, Co-CEOs, and CFO Zane Rowe, you may have missed Eschenbach mentioning the importance of skills-based talent strategies to its company and its future.

And you may have missed Bhusri talk about the importance of AI and machine learning to Workday’s strategy. He emphasized – multiple times – the importance of any artificial intelligence Workday uses being ethical and trustworthy. “The true potential of AI and ML can only be met by ensuring that is leveraged in a trustworthy and ethical way,” Bhusri said. He talked about Workday’s data quality, its growing use of generative AI, and how important generative AI will be for the satisfaction of its customers and its future.  

We’re honored that Workday considers SkyHive such an important part of its ethical AI plans. Workday Ventures, the strategic capital arm of Workday, Inc, chose to invest in SkyHive’s skills intelligence. Workday partners with SkyHive to “build an open and connected skills ecosystem” and Workday customers have “enlisted the help of SkyHive.” The partnership underscores the value that Workday believes SkyHive can bring to the Workday customer base. And, it underscores SkyHive’s role in meeting Workday’s goals of providing ethical, trustworthy AI. SkyHive’s advanced labor market and future skills intelligence augments Workday’s job profiles, providing you with the most powerful skills intelligence offered by any HR technology.

We’re pleased to be a part of Workday’s success. We’ll see you at Workday Rising in San Francisco and Barcelona, Spain.

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