Start Speaking the Same Language

Start Speaking the Same Language

Chances are, you struggle with integration and getting your HR systems to “talk to each other.”

Well, Workday's selection of SkyHive means you can have an operating system for your Workday HCM products, translating the skills data in those systems so they all speak the same language.

SkyHive's patented technology feeds not only Workday®, but all major HR technologies, including for full-time labor or contingent labor. It has become the gold standard for enterprises undertaking a workforce transformation journey from job-based to skill-based.

That means if you've recently switched on Skills Cloud or are expanding your skills-based talent strategy with Workday, you now have the ability to access AI-powered skills intelligence—built directly into Workday.

You'll better understand the skills your agile organization needs to stay competitive. And your systems will all speak the same language.

Reach out to schedule time to discuss how SkyHive can help you optimize your Skills Cloud experience and improve your skills inventory and skills taxonomy.

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Ready to unleash potential across your workforce?

The world's most ethical Al people technology to help you transition from jobs-based to skills-based — award-winning, demonstrated, and internationally recognized.

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