So What Exactly is a 'Skills Organization'?

So What Exactly is a 'Skills Organization'?

You've heard lots of talk about skills-based organizations, skills-based hiring, skills inventories, skills taxonomies, skills intelligence, and what it takes to make the cultural changes necessary to emphasize skills and not just jobs.

But what exactly is a skills-based organization?

A podcaster out of Stockholm asked us that question, and we answered it, and also talked about:

  • How so many employees are saying "But I'm not willing to ..."
  • The silly "30 percent travel" requirement: why becoming a skills-based organization can improve diversity
  • What employees are saying on Glassdoor
  • Skills and the onboarding process
  • Three questions to ask yourself about your skills-based organization

The podcast, Edtech Tuesdays, covers learning, culture, and technologies, interviewing "innovators, investors, thinkers, and doers changing the status quo."  It's produced by an edtech consulting/advisory company in Stockholm called Snabbfoting.

Here are links to the podcast on Spotify and Apple.

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