SkyHive Launches the Global Alliance for Skills to Aid Economic Renaissance and Labor Market Transitions

SkyHive Launches the Global Alliance for Skills to Aid Economic Renaissance and Labor Market Transitions
Partnership with Milcoop continues with a focus on Europe’s fishery and aquaculture sectors, supported by EIT Food and led by Federpesca

ROME, Italy, 24 October, 2022SkyHive, the pioneer of Quantum Labor Analysis® that delivers powerful technologies and insights for the rapid reskilling of companies and communities across the globe, today launched the Global Alliance for Skills, a strategic alliance promoting economic and environmental sustainability by reskilling the global workforce. Led in partnership with Milcoop, a Benefit Company focused on applied psycho-social research projects, efforts have already received funding from the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT Food), a body of the European Union, and the AGAPE Project.

Launched at the Festival of Diplomacy this week in Rome, the Global Alliance for Skills is a first-of-its-kind consortium for skills transitions, resources, and meeting grounds that connects leaders worldwide through a shared goal of supporting the transition from ordinary economies to circular alternatives that align with sustainable development goals. It supports governments and companies in reskilling and upskilling areas of the labor market that are most heavily impacted or displaced by automation and advanced technology.

“A skills-first approach is vital to helping leaders navigate changing economies—such as the digital and green transitions—with more efficient workforce transformation processes,” said Sean Hinton, CEO and Founder of SkyHive. “SkyHive is proud to be a founding member of the Global Alliance for Skills. We strongly urge all interested parties across public and private sectors to join us as we revolutionize workforces, empower individuals, and create a more sustainable future for all.”

Beginning with the European fishing and aquaculture sectors, the Global Alliance for Skills, led by Federazione Nazionale Imprese di Pesca (FEDERPESCA), will prioritize:

  • Discussing strategies to empower a new, self-sustainable ‘green-blue economy
  • Sharing best practices around workforce transformation in the aquaculture and fishery ecosystems
  • Providing viable reskilling pathways and jobs for labor market constituents.

“The digitization of companies and roles will inevitably make many jobs obsolete,” said General Director of Federpesca, Francesca Biondo. “We, along with SkyHive, are committed to ensuring that aquaculture and fishery—two of the most important agriculture sectors in Europe—have the resources they need to retrain workforces, create new roles, and successfully transition away from traditional industry norms.”

More than 20 million people are already employed in aquaculture, a number that will grow significantly in the future. Users will be able to find job and educational hot spots where they can take classes, meet people, and receive assistance to secure their next job.

Milcoop designed the application of the Global Alliance for Skills model for the European aquaculture sector. “In a system of interdependencies, human beings are the engine of an expected positive change and organismic homeostasis for the entire plant," said Milena Marzano, Co-founder of Milcoop and Scientific Coordinator of Global Alliance for Skills. “I am delighted that the Global Alliance for Skills will have an active role in the Blue Economy sector that includes the AGAPE project, co-financed by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology for the food sector (EIT Food).”

“Food-related challenges are central to the planet's future and intersect many other aspects, such as environmental sustainability, health, workers' rights or technologies to improve the supply chain,” said Mario Roccaro, Manager of Education at EIT Food. “Transversal skills supporting the realization of an idea or project, are increasingly in demand in the world of work, and among them are ‘influencing’ skills such as communication and leadership and thinking skills such as problem-solving and critical thinking. These, together with technical knowledge, business acumen and digital skills, will make it possible to overcome the grand challenges of tomorrow. A common platform and delivery approach is strategic to create a new global mindset.”

The Global Alliance for Skills’ launch coincides with the EU’s projection that moving towards a low-carbon economy will create more than one million jobs by 2030. Industrial transitions will also require the reskilling and upskilling of more than 120 million Europeans over the next five years.

Furthermore, on 13 October 2022, the European Commission adopted the proposal to make 2023 the “European Year of Skills”, following the State of the Union Address by the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, who stressed that “more focus on professional education and upskilling” is required in Europe. A third of the EU’s €1.8 trillion NextGenerationEU Recovery Plan, as well as the EU’s seven-year budget, will finance the European Green Deal, promote economic growth decoupled from resource use, and ensure that “no person and no place” is left behind during the transition into a modern, resource-efficient, and climate neutral economy by 2050.

“We see a path forward that will simultaneously democratize labor opportunities, future-proof the global workforce, increase market competitiveness, and foster innovation,” added Hinton.

About SkyHive

SkyHive is a Certified B Corporation and software provider of global workforce intelligence technology, optimizing labor market efficiencies in real-time for companies, communities, and national economies. Leading enterprises use SkyHive’s cloud-based applications and platforms to power the future of work at its most granular level: skills. SkyHive’s Quantum Labor Analysis™ has been recognized by the World Economic Forum, Gartner, and Forbes for leading efforts in ethical AI and its positive impact on labor economies worldwide. For more information, visit

About Milcoop

Milcoop is a Benefit Company and pending B-Corp, co-founded by Milena Marzano and Luca Ottomanelli, with the scope of developing cross-sectorial solutions and focusing on applied psycho-social research projects in the workforce implementation domain. It focuses on filling the gap between local corporations and improving performance, especially in light of sustainability and social and environmental innovation. Milcoop collaborates with the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Ontario (ICCO) and other global partners on sustainable development. For more information, visit

About EIT Food

The European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) is an independent body of the European Union set up in 2008 to deliver innovation across Europe. The EIT Food brings together leading business, education, and research organizations to form dynamic cross-border partnerships dedicated to finding solutions to a specific global challenge. The main objective is to turn the best ideas into products, services, jobs and growth across Europe. EIT Food accelerates innovation to build a future-fit food system that produces healthy and sustainable food for all. For information, visit

About Federpesca

The National Federation of Fishing Companies (FEDERPESCA), was established in 1961 and is a member of CONFINDUSTRIA, representing and protecting about 1600 Italian shipowners and companies in the fishing sector in the Public Administration, Parliament and the European Union. FEDERPESCA is part of the National Fisheries Observatory, the Bilateral Fisheries Authority (E.BI.PESCA) and the Supplementary Assistance Fund of the National Health Service (FIS Pesca) for the management of the regulatory institutions provided for by the C.C.N.L of Fishing. For information, visit


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