November 15, 2023

SkyHive Human Capital Operating System Now an Open Platform for Developers

SkyHive Human Capital Operating System Now an Open Platform for Developers

AI tech leader for workforce management now offers more flexibility and functionality for users

PALO ALTO, Calif., November 16, 2023 – (BUSINESS WIRE) – SkyHive, a generative artificial intelligence software company that rapidly reskills companies and communities worldwide, today announced that its Human Capital Operating System (TM) is now accessible as an open platform for developers across the globe.

SkyHive's transition to an open platform model marks a strategic evolution from a more controlled, purpose-driven development approach to one that is broader and application-driven. SkyHive’s intelligence, which has been leveraged for core products internally, will now be an accessible function for third-party application development.  

“The future of skills is a multi-system and complex ecosystem that requires flexible, powerful technology,” says SkyHive Founder and CEO Sean Hinton. “We’re proud to expand our technology to be both flexible and powerful using an open platform that connects to developers’ systems.” 

This bold initiative paves the way for unparalleled customization and interoperability, enabling seamless integration with the diverse existing setups within organizations. Thanks to SkyHive's robust APIs, its sophisticated AI-driven tools can now be effortlessly integrated into various workforce-management areas, from talent acquisition to job architecture. This expansion signifies a major advancement in technology deployment within the enterprise environment, offering significantly enhanced flexibility and functionality. 

“With an emphasis on ethical AI, SkyHive is setting new standards in fairness, transparency, and accountability in workforce technology, all of which are embedded within the platform,” says SkyHive Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer Mohan Reddy. “We are the only technology in the world that can harmonize skills and jobs between two separate systems, as well as from the labor market.” 

Developers leveraging the SkyHive platform will gain access to the world’s largest knowledge graph of jobs, skills, pay, and the labor market, as well as its pioneering global artificial technology, which was named the 2023 “Best Advance in Practical AI” by Lighthouse Research & Advisory.

SkyHive holds a job-description generator  patent and one for machine learning to generate skills, which provides SkyHive the patent to the intellectual property that 1) automates job taxonomies and skill ontologies to the real-time labor market; 2) automates normalization of the real-time labor market job taxonomies and skill ontologies to any other system; and 3) uses machine learning to generate skills.  

SkyHive customers enjoy unlimited integrations, including a certified integration with Workday, whose investment arm, Workday Ventures, is also an investor in SkyHive along with Deutsche Bank. SkyHive is available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace and the SAP App Center, making it easier for established Microsoft/SAP customers to purchase and adopt SkyHive. SkyHive partners with Accenture, LHH, and includes customer enterprises such as Best Buy, Merck, and Santander, community organizations such as JobsFirstNYC, and schools such as La Cité. 

About SkyHive   

SkyHive is a Certified B Corporation and generative AI software company that rapidly reskills companies and communities worldwide. SkyHive is recognized as a top AI innovator by Forbes, and a World Economic Forum Global Innovator.  

Gartner named SkyHive a "Cool Vendor" in HCM and in its 2023 "Hype Cycle" reports for HR Technology, Talent Acquisition Technology, and Workforce Transformation.  

Leading enterprises and innovative government organizations use SkyHive’s cloud-based applications, Human Capital Operating System™, and SkyHive’s Quantum Labor Analysis® to power the future of work at its most granular level: skills. In addition, SkyHive has been recognized by the  World Economic Forum, GPAI, RAII, and others for leading efforts in ethical AI and its positive impact on labor economies worldwide. For more information, visit  

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Aidan O’Connor, Prosek Partners    

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