June 15, 2021

Join SkyHive in Creating an Equitable and Abundant Future of Work‍

Join SkyHive in Creating an Equitable and Abundant Future of Work‍

To my fellow friends, supporters, and champions of SkyHive,

Today marks an important milestone as we unveil the results of a pioneering, cross-industry collaboration with Unilever, Walmart, World Economic Forum, and Accenture. For the first time, through Quantum Labor Analysis - an entirely new way of looking at the moving elements of the labor market, we are able to quantify how a workforce can be reskilled efficiently and at scale.

Much of our understanding of how the labor market is shifting is rapidly expanding through the power of machine learning. Through this project, we proved AI to be an essential component that addresses skilling challenges for several reasons. First, from a technical standpoint, we opened up new career possibilities at a level of speed and scale that wouldn’t have been attainable without AI. Second, AI removed human bias and preconceived understanding of who’s capable of doing which job. SkyHive broke barriers to human potential by identifying skills people didn’t realize they have and surfacing atypical pathways people couldn’t see due to inherent biases. Moreover, AI enabled the identification of critical skills one needs to learn for transitioning from one role to another - with precision.  

Reskilling at scale requires the blending of art and science. Science is the technology that uncovers new insights and pathways, rapidly and in real-time. The artists are the practitioners; the researchers, teachers, mentors, coaches, managers, human resource professionals, policymakers, and leaders who lay the foundation for reskilling to happen. Advanced technology can only take us so far on this journey; it plays a critical role in revealing the innovation and new models that practitioners must evolve to build an inclusive future of work for everyone.

At SkyHive, our purpose is to democratize labor opportunities around the world so that we can all benefit from a more capable workforce and a more efficient global economy. This project not only set an example for other organizations to emulate, but is an important first step in changing people’s mindsets: empowering workers to recognize all that they are capable of and helping employers to see that unconventional career transitions are possible.

It doesn’t stop here. This work has proven that the future of work can truly be abundant if leading companies across industries work together; they set the example for the world to follow. As more career pathways are explored within and between industries, the efficacy of our collective talent mobility map will grow in tandem. The future of work will be powered by a collaborative, inclusive ecosystem of alliances and a sustainable, growing network of opportunities.

To this end, SkyHive is championing the global reskilling movement, and we call on leaders, practitioners, customers, and partners who are committed to the responsible transformation of their workforce to join us in creating an equitable and abundant future of work.

Read the full report on this project here and Forbes’ coverage here.

Learn more about SkyHive: www.skyhive.io

With passion and dedication,


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