Employees, Not Just Employers, Took Center Stage at This Week's HR Tech Awards

Employees, Not Just Employers, Took Center Stage at This Week's HR Tech Awards

Human resources technology used to be about, not surprisingly, human resources.

As an alternative phrase, the term "WorkTech" is growing in popularity. It's a similar idea to HR technology, but emphasizes technology's role in helping employees improve their careers, their skills, be more productive, receive help, guidance, support, coaching, and so on, rather than the technology just improving the HR, learning, talent acquisition, or benefits department.

This trend certainly held true this week, as Lighthouse Research & Advisory announced the winners of its annual HR Tech Awards via a blog post and live webcast.

Lighthouse's Chief Research Officer Ben Eubanks said that some of what he "loved most" in reviewing the companies that competed for the award this year was "the impact it's having on their people." George Rogers, who as Chief Culture Officer also reviewed entries at Lighthouse, said he looked for technologies that show "the good that it's doing across the board ... anything that builds employee experience and development and well-being of employees kind of triggers my ears and my interest."

Along those lines, HiBob won in multiple categories for its HR system that it says "connects employees and inspires belonging" and is "made for all users, not just HR." For the innovative, emerging core HR category, DailyPay won for its idea to get employees paid more often, making them "more engaged, motivated, and happier at work." The most comprehensive talent management solution award went to Betterworks, a performance-management tool which says it "unlocks the potential of every person."

And — speaking of unleashing potential — when Eubanks named SkyHive the best advance in practical AI, in the talent analytics category, he mentioned the impact SkyHive is having in helping employee skills get exposed. "SkyHive is doing some amazing work with helping employers understand the DNA of the workforce," he said, "going deeper than just understanding resumes, but seeing what individuals are about, what their skills are, and where they could be slotted in other roles within the business."

We'd put that understanding squarely in the category of technology that's having an impact and doing good for employees, not just employers.

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