Cast your vote for ethical AI

Cast your vote for ethical AI

The campaign has begun.

The Applied Intelligence Awards, which last year recognized Dell and Qualcomm, has released a shortlist of four companies up for its annual "AI/IoT Application of the Year" award. SkyHive is among the four, a contest that will be decided by a crowdsourced vote.

The award goes to "an outstanding project which has fueled business growth and change." Given how quickly large companies, governments, and schools are coming to SkyHive to drive their movement to skills-based organizations, we think we have what it takes. Our customers include energy companies becoming more green, tech companies able to pivot more quickly, insurance companies reskilling as their industry shifts, and more. We'd love for you to vote.

Meanwhile, the same organization has shortlisted SkyHive for the Positive Impact Award. That one is decided by a panel of judges, who'll choose between us, Texas Instruments, ClosedLoop, and Modulate. In announcing the short list, the Applied Intelligence Awards said: "SkyHive's generative AI crafts ultra-relevant and contextual career paths for individuals and companies, allowing for more effective career planning and talent management strategies. It helps individuals and organizations identify the skills they need to succeed, and develop a plan to achieve their career goals."

Winners of both awards will be announced September 20-21 in Austin.

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