May 31, 2023

10 Steps to Becoming Skills Based

10 Steps to Becoming Skills Based

We've talked about the cultural changes needed to become a skills-based organization, from onboarding to screening to internal talent marketplaces, performance management, and redeployment.

The Academy to Innovate HR, an online training provider for HR professionals, also now has a guide out on the 10 steps for HR to becoming a skills-based organization.

It includes:

What is a skills-based organization?

Why are organizations adopting a skills-based approach?

An HR roadmap to create a skills-based organization

It's a deep dive into the transformation that many large companies (and even governments) are contemplating and in some cases in the midst of right now.

The Academy put the guide together using interviews with experts like Alison Lands, Head of Strategy at SkyHive, and information from corporations like Unilever. Check it out here.

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