Develop a workforce plan to close skills gaps

Access to real-time trends and shifts of skills in the labor market by time period, geographies, and jobs

Reskilling & Career Pathway

Retain valuable talent through internal mobility and reskilling opportunities

Mobilize and transition talent through AI-driven skill proximity and reskilling pathway identification. Leverage expert analysis of industry, segment or labor market transitions.

SkyHive Answers

Easily identify and visualize talent hot spots for location strategies

Evaluate the outlook, diversity and supply of talent in talent hotspots alongside socio-economic and livability statistics.

SkyHive Platform

Guide your strategies with data

Inform office location strategy based on labor market factors, such as current and future talent pool, cost of living, DEIB,  skill supply and demand, and more.

Labor Market Intelligence

Access real-time insights on labor market conditions

Analyze specific jobs and compare skill gaps between your organization's workforce and the labor market. Easily visualize skills trend, supply and demand, salary levels, geographic hotspots, and much more.

Request bespoke, data-driven reports on demand

Remote Work

Visualize demand shifts in remote and onsite work and learn where remote work is going for specific roles within the labor market. Leverage these insights to assess cost saving opportunities, hiring and recruitment strategies, and changes in talent supply.

Talent Hotspot Identification

Understand where and why certain
locations represent a talent hot spot for your company’s office or headquartering decisions. Evaluate the outlook, diversity and supply of talent in talent hot spots alongside socio economic and livability statistics.

Strategic Decision Support

Armed with insight on the skills of your workforce and how to bridge the gaps, youʼll be one step closer to building a more robust, future proof skills strategy.

Talent Strategy Assessment

Gain insights on the current skills of your workforce, skill proximity and skill-level analysis. Benchmark against your competitorsʼ skills and skill levels to understand how your organization can gain a competitive edge.

Labor Market Intelligence Reports

We integrate real-time talentdata from your organization and the global labor market, so youcan gain a deeper understanding of your workforce and whatʼsneeded to compete—today and in the future.

Industry Deep Dive

Obtain strategic labor market insights by
industry to inform talent development within your organization. Insights can span multiple labor markets across the globe, giving your enterprise a broader perspective of industry level trends and market-wide gaps for skills and job titles.

Workforce Transitions by Job and Skill

Solve for gaps in your workforce strategy by identifying changes in workforce skills and associated roles within industries or specific locations. Ensure your talent strategy is aligned to the labor markets you will compete in.

Available via application, data service or API integration

SkyHive On-Demand

Leverage on-demand, real-time workforce analytics service powered by SkyHive Labor Market Intelligence.

SkyHive Platform

Enrich your existing platforms and systems with real-time, global labor market insights.

Enterprise Standard

Gain a 360-degree view into your workforce transformation with our end-to-end SaaS platform.