Build a foundation that supports your needs.

Apply AI intelligence to existing job data to generate job definitions, benchmark skills and compensations—all while leveraging your existing system of record.

Skyhive Skill Intelligence

Boost your starting point with super powered labor market intelligence

Benchmark the jobs and skills of your workforces against the labor market and analyze skill gaps. Stay ahead of your competitors using real-time intelligence on emerging and disappearing skills.

Job Architecture

Automate the creation of your jobs definitions

Seamlessly integrate with your favourite HCM and leverage SkyHive's Job Architecture automation tool to instantly benchmark your current job definitions and enable you to enhance job definitions that best align with your business needs.

Job Description Generator

1-click away from auto-generated job descriptions to speed up your talent sourcing journey

SkyHive's patented Job Description Generation technology instantly lay out job responsibilities and descriptions in a bias-free, skill-based way - supercharged by billions of data point from SkyHive's Labor Market Intelligence platform.

Position Comparison

An intelligent, automated foundation for your talent strategies

How you stack up with to the industry? Stay ahead of the game with a real-time comparison view on skills overlaps, gaps, and AI-generated training recommendations.

Get a clear view of the skills of your workforce today and the skills you'll need tomorrow...

Key Features

Position Match &

Career & Skill

Job & Position

Available via application, data service or API integration

SkyHive On-Demand

Leverage on-demand, real-time workforce analytics service powered by SkyHive Labor Market Intelligence.

SkyHive Platform

Enrich your existing platforms and systems with real-time, global labor market insights.

Enterprise Standard

Gain a 360-degree view into your workforce transformation with our end-to-end SaaS platform.