Labor Market Intelligence

Make the best-informed workforce decisions with the world’s most current and comprehensive labor market information.

Empowering you with unprecedented visibility and granularity, SkyHive combines real-time, geo-located, and time-stamped labor market data with deep workforce intelligence, giving you the essential insights you need to benchmark against competitors, forecast future talent needs, and drive strategic workforce planning, sustainability, and location strategy.

The World’s Only Quantum Labor Analysis Platform

SkyHive applies its pioneering Quantum Labor Analysis methodology to continuously collect and analyze millions of real-time labor market data points, serving as the most powerful knowledge graph of jobs, skills, training, and labor market intelligence in the world.

It represents a quantum leap in our understanding of the very fabric of the economy, and fundamentally transforms how we work, learn, and live.

By cognifying the world's labor economy and democratizing the information, SkyHive functions as the Global Operating System for Human Capital, solving the toughest challenges faced by companies, communities, and countries today

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The most powerful knowledge graph of jobs, skills, training, and labor market intelligence

Uncover competitive strengths and proactively addresses talent gaps

SkyHive analyzes organizational capabilities compared to industry market-driven benchmarks to identify gaps and highlight trends. It utilizes AI to automate this process so you can deconstruct employee profiles to identify emerging and critical skills in real-time. SkyHive highlights distinctions between your workforce and your competitors', providing you with never-before-available insights into the skills your employees need to remain relevant and competitive.

Identify future talent needs for strategic acquisition and reskilling

SkyHive detects industry-level trends and provides a robust representation of the skills that will be emerging in the coming years within specific fields, job families, and professions.

With powerful future skills intelligence, SkyHive enables you to continuously align your workforce with your organization's required future state. It allows you to rapidly respond to market shifts and gain the competitive advantage you need to stay ahead of the curve and lead into the future.

Deep dive into industry benchmarks and skills intelligence for specific roles

Examine the current market conditions for a specific role and drill down into the skills composition, skills trends, supply and demand conditions, salary levels, future states, among other insights. Drive strategic decisions in recruitment, workforce development, and location strategy by understanding the top supplied and most in-demand skills associated with a role and where the talent hotspots are.

Unlock mobility opportunities and hidden career pathways at scale

SkyHive's AI-driven, skill-based proximity analysis allows you to identify adjacent roles and alternative career pathways at scale, opening the aperture of possibilities for your workforce. Its advanced algorithms take into account a wide range of factors to determine the optimal career paths, including market supply and demand conditions, sector growth trends, salary levels, training availability, skill proximity, and more.

By helping employees understand how they can progress within the company, SkyHive helps retain your valuable talent while transitioning them from declining to in-demand roles.


SkyHive integrates with HR tech stacks and synthesizes workforce data that is often incomplete, outdated, or spread across too many silos. It complements and augments your people data with the most robust real-time labor market intelligence via extensible architecture and APIs that support the development of external applications.

“30% of the skills an employee uses today will be largely irrelevant after three years. The rapid evolution of emerging skills means hiring managers may no longer serve as the best point of expertise in defining hiring needs, causing a “labor-market-analysis-based” approach to increase in importance.”


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Reimagine talent
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SkyHive is forging new frontiers by working with Walmart, Unilever, the World Economic Forum, and Accenture to enable talent mobility for the global consumer goods industry.

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