A unified system for a skills-based approach

Unlock powerful, real-time skills intelligence while keeping your existing systems

Take advantage of SkyHive Platform’s intelligence and tools to solve your most sophisticated workforce challenges—in a way that works best for your organization.

What you can do with SkyHive Platform


“I have skills data across multiple systems.”

Harmonize skill and job data between human capital systems.


“I have existing systems that I want to super power with skills.”

Augment job architecture data, enhance talent analytics, and more.


“I have a vision for a new skills-based solution that does not exist.”

Build insightful experiences for employees, recruiters, managers and others.

What you get with SkyHive Platform

Connect your skills-based strategy and technologies under one unified system

Become real-time with a powerful and fluid global labor market platform

Access SkyHive globally with multilingual capabilities

Reduce bias with leading ethical Al policies and controls

Get insights backed by the most advanced knowledge graph of labor market data

Use AI to discover HCM at its most granular level—skills

How SkyHive Platform works

Key Features


Build or embed real-time, global labor market data into your applications.


SkyHive Platform scales with your needs. The infrastructure is designed to support millions of users.

Robust Security

Data is fully encrypted and secure at rest and transit using AES 256-bit and TLS 1.2 standards.

Who benefits from SkyHive Platform?

SkyHive Insights Engine is valuable with or without subscribing to SkyHive Enterprise. It serves as a standalone intelligence platform, an extension to SkyHive Enterprise, or both at the same time.


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